About Juliana

I care about cultivating intentional leadership, so that companies and it’s leaders can significantly improve their performance, and level of efficiency by unlocking their full potential.

Establishing meaningful connection with my clients, is one of my strengths. Through this, I am able to challenge the different actor’s thinking, practices, and behaviors. I create opportunities for clients to tap into their own source of power, and experience extraordinary growth for themselves, their teams, and their organizations.

Clients I work with develop transformational leadership skills, and strategic tools to eliminate waste in their business processes, and establish a high level of coordination for action. Leaders and teams learn how to align, and generate commitment for greater results. My clients are global; with emphasis in the US, Central and South American markets. I have extensive experience working with manufacturing companies including: Progressive Foam, Mansfield Plumbing Products, Nu Camp, Miller Weld Master, and Superb Industries.

I’m committed to a path of learning as a way of advancing my contribution to leadership development, and impacting others on a deeper level of consciousness. I joined Altus because I believe our team, is committed to a life of learning, a mindset of abundance, and to bring joy and meaningful outcomes to the people we work with. We are committed to transform organizations, one team at a time

I was born in Bogota, Colombia and moved to Ohio in 2010. I hold a BA in Psychology from Universidad de la Sabana, and a Masters in Clinical Psychology from Universidad Javeriana. I’m a graduate of the Newfield Network Ontological Coaching Program, and the Institute of Generative Leadership. I believe in giving back to the community, and volunteer for a local hospic

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