About Heather

At the core of my work, what brings me alive is helping people be more aware, engaged and alive! I love helping people BE GENERATIVE! I love coaching people and teams and helping them to see the patterns that keep getting in the way of what they really want.

Altus offers me the power of a collective of people with a shared background. Altus is a group of experienced professionals steeped in the generative tradition. Through being a part of this collective, I can make bigger offers and deliver more value to my clients.

I am an astute observer of human behavior and I have a particular knack for engaging people in the process of their own development. Clients have told me that I am very skilled at seeing them with clarity and sharing this in ways that are not judgmental. This helps clients to stay open and treat themselves with kindness and compassion, easing the process of change.

My intention is for clients to achieve desired results in ways that are impactful and sustainable. Self-awareness is vital and influences how leaders coordinate actions with others on teams to get results. I help clients hone their leadership skills and self-awareness for the purpose of building strong, creative and powerful teams.

Selected Senior Executive and Management clients I’ve worked with include Western Digital, Genentech/Roche, Exxon Mobile, Google, Facebook, Salesforce, Google, GoPro, Facebook, Salesforce and the Gates Foundation.

I am a proud mom and I have two kids, a 13 year old daughter and 10 year old son. We love to hike, do yoga and swim for fun! I’m a horse lover and when I travel for vacation and work, I usually find horses to either ride or hang out with in some way!

Recently, I certified with The Enneagram Prison Project, The Enneagram Institute; additional certifications include: Integral Coach, New Ventures West, TILT 365 Assessment Tool, Equine Guided Educator and Facilitator; Coaching Excellence in Organizations, Institute for Generative Leadership. I hold an MA in Organizational Psychology and BA in Spanish Language and Culture.

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