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Seven conversations worth having with your team as you “come back” to the changing workplace

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People are at the center of all you do. Understanding their aspirations and what drives them is critical to achieving breakthroughs.


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We are a global consulting and coaching firm that works with leaders and their teams to build organizations that matter. Together, we create a world of difference.

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Altus opens new possibilities for organizations that want to achieve breakthrough results.
We show your leaders how to develop the skillsets and mindsets needed for sustainable success. We know that having the right conversations at the right time will drive higher levels of commitment, while empowering and engaging your employees. Our goal is to strengthen executives and leaders so your organization can operate at its full potential.

We meet you where you are.
First we listen your people to understand your aspirations, and learn what’s working and what’s not. Then we design a program to meet your organization’s specific needs.

We address the areas most likely to make a difference to your performance.
Our services include:


Our company worked with Juliana to gain strategic direction for planning our five-year future.

We’ve learned a tremendous amount in many areas, including the importance of collaborating and working together to create a common target goal so that every team member knows the direction of the company and can work together to achieve it. We also became aware of the important of giving clear direction to peers and each team member to accomplish tasks efficiently. A big part of this was learning the importance of clear answers: “A clean no is better than a dirty yes.”

My natural style is to be a hard driver and push projects through without accounting for people’s feelings and level of buy-in. learned the important of going slow enough in every aspect of the company—strategically and tactically—to make sure the team is following closely and on the same page.

Juliana exceeded my expectation in the way she’s coached our team to become high level achievers and have better communication throughout the organization. I’m extremely satisfied and impressed with her professionalism and I look forward to working with her again in the future.

Jesse Mullet

President — NuCamp


It’s been enormously valuable to have Altus Growth Partners work with me and my senior leadership to grow ourselves and the company. 

Heather and Pam have provided exceptional team development, coaching, and guidance. What we learned from them we’ve used every day as we navigate the ups and downs of the biopharma journey. Pam and Dan have also partnered with us very skillfully to develop and align on a strategic plan for the company. 

Across multiple companies and two CEO roles, I’ve worked with many great consultants, but this team listens and brings out the best in everyone in a way that is extraordinary. My entire management team—including the skeptics—thinks Altus Growth is fantastic, and we look forward to more.

Susan Molineaux

President and CEO — Calithera


About ten years ago, we turned to Kobe when we saw cultural issues developing. He introduced us to conversations for action. This is based on a simple concept, but when put into practice brings great positive effects. 

Working with Kobe, we were able to give people the tools that help them be clear on what’s being asked and promised and when things will get done. This has allowed us to excel in an industry not known for great communication skills. We wouldn’t have been able to get here without Kobe’s help.

Paymon Hamidi

CEO — Infracore

Cognitive Medicine

We first brought Kobe in about eight years ago to help us handle friction among our company founders. We’ve worked with him ever since.

Kobe has helped us with both strategic planning and conflict resolution, He brings a fresh approach to this work—focusing on the right conversations for action and he brings something new each time he works with the team. He’s really saved the company!

Doug Burke

President and Cofounder — Cognitive Medicine